Wi-Fi 7 is is finally here and official. It’s other name, 802.11be will be only of interest to the nerds, but the speeds and distance will be awesome. Real world estimates state it’ll probably hit 4Gbps, which is faster than all but the most extreme internet service speeds available. It will come with many different features to route signals, adjust bandwidth to your in-home tech, and increase the amount of units on the service. It will require new hardware for many of the advanced speed concerns, but the other features exist even with your existing hardware. It promises to be a great update whenever you can get the new router hardware, which may take a bit longer and a decent cash outlay for upgrades which you may not actually need.

How fast do you want your Wi-Fi to go? How does 5.8 Gigabits per second sound? Fast enough for you?

Found at www.zdnet.com