Amazon made a bid for iRobot, the makers of Roomba, in August of 2022. In a first for Amazon, after antitrust regulators in the EU and the US complained, Amazon decided to back down. This $1.4 Billion acquisition was set to create other hurdles through lawsuits from competitors that could claim favoritism, delisting, and other monopolistic concerns. In the aftermath of this backdown, Amazon will pay iRobot about $94 million, but they’ll still need to restructure. This week, iRobot announced they would also cut about a third of their workforce to work to remain viable.

By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Amazon and robot vacuum maker iRobot said Monday they would end their plans to merge in the face of opposition from EU and U.S. antitrust regulators. iRobot announced a significant restructuring plan to reduce costs and said it would cut about 31% of its workforce, or 350 jobs. The company also said founder Colin Angle has stepped down as its CEO of the

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