On the heels of the lawsuits against Ticketmaster and LiveNation, by a number of government agencies, it was revealed that Ticketmaster was seriously hacked… to the tune of 560 million accounts. The stolen data includes about what you’d think, from personal information to order details, like your concert preferences, and more. Hackers don’t care, that I saw Mercy Me live in concert, rather than AC/DC, but that’s not really the point. The key issue is that hackers are starting to ramp up their game. This was also an organized group, performing coordinated work, unlike some lucky individual who might not leverage the data well.

A hacking group called ShinyHunters claims it breached Ticketmaster, stealing sensitive information of 560 million customers, according to cybersecurity news outlet Hackread and Australian news site Cyber Daily

Found at www.msn.com