I’ve talked about virtual machines before. The basics are your computer running a second copy of Windows or another operating system as an application, instead of taking over. VMware has had a short term solution for a while, but now it’s moving to share the idea with all of us. This approach will likely bring in more who want to try other operating systems, build a lab system that’s isolated, or more. This comes along with reducing how the professional licensing will operate as well. I’ve been working with virtual machines for years, and this is an amazing new step towards learning safely, without wiping your system or buying new hardware.

As we complete the integration of Fusion and Workstation into Broadcom, we wanted to share with the community some changes to our product lineup and how we deliver them to our users. Most importantly are changes to the way we license our desktop hypervisor products. From now onward, Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro will have two license models.