The world of deepfake voices is getting an upheaval. Scarlett Johansson is the latest big name, battling Open-AI, but others have been battling this too. Last summer, voice actors Linnea Sage and Paul Skye Lehrman were stunned to find that their unique voices were cloned by an A.I. company, Lovo, without their okay. This shocking discovery came when they heard their A.I.-generated voices being used in a podcast. In that case, they are suing Lovo, claiming the company used their voices illegally to create competitive technology. These legal battles highlight a growing concern among artists about A.I. tech using their work without permission, potentially threatening their jobs. Impersonation is a big deal, and we can expect to see some drastic pushback on both sides.

Two voice actors say an A.I. company created clones of their voices without their permission. Now they’re suing. The company denies it did anything wrong.

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