Less news, and more commentary, Microsoft is coming under fire left and right more each week. That new Recall feature was announced, but pundits reacted poorly, but so did some governments, with teams lining up to sue for a variety of privacy reasons. Further, it seems that the trust that they once had, is slipping away, as they deem to be ignoring our pleas. The past history of Microsoft has been fraught with periods of ignoring customers, and sometimes making missteps that have resulted in burning bridges. Their only hope for the long term is to steer the ship back towards listening to us, and developing what we want, not what they want us to think we want, but the continual pressure to move to Windows 11 is an indicator that this fight may be continuing.

It’s a nightmare scenario for Microsoft. Windows Recall is under significant fire for being what many are saying is a major breach of privacy and security on Windows.