In an seemingly odd move, announced recently by Microsoft, all employees at its Chinese facilities will be required to switch to iPhones starting September 2024. This decision comes amidst uncertainties regarding iPhone availability in China, that also contrasts with Microsoft’s new directive. According to a memo obtained by Bloomberg, employees currently using Android devices, including China’s Huawei and Xiaomi, will receive the latest iPhone 15. The switch is partly driven by limitations accessing Google Play Store in mainland China. With Apple’s iOS App Store available in China, Microsoft aims to facilitate seamless use of it’s mandatory security apps like Microsoft Authenticator and Identity Pass. This decision affects a substantial workforce, including over 6,000 engineers and scientists at Microsoft’s largest R&D center outside the US. Too bad Microsoft couldn’t invent something like a Windows Phone… oh wait, too soon?

As part of an overall security drive, Microsoft in China has told staff they will all be required to switch to iPhone.