Biography for Deborah Shadovitz – Segment Producer for Apple, Efficiency, and Green Topics

A regular on Computer Talk Radio, Deborah Shadovitz has always been enthralled with discovering how things work — and considering,thinking,examining how things might work better.

It’s not a surprise that Deborah became a Macintosh computer instructor, author and radio regular.

As a child, she jumped rope, roller-skated and baked with mom, but she also loved taking apart a broken transistor radio and soldering across its broken circuit board to make it work, pulling the motor from a clothing dryer to create a polisher for her silver jewelry creations, and building her own basement room side by side with her father. She also obtained a broadcasting license to work her ground-breaking high school radio station. That license saw her through college Broadcasting studies, then working professionally as a broadcast engineer in Connecticut and video producer in NYC/NJ.

After backpacking much of the world in her late 20s, Deborah moved to So Cal and bought a newfangled DOS laptop (two floppies!) to write about her travels. Prior to that, her computer use was audio-visual based. That dive into a PC led to a stint selling computers and thus, her discovery of Apple’s computers and an on-going love of introducing people to the Macintosh computer.

Deborah didn’t just introduce people to the Macintosh or help people with their Macs. She started writing about the Macintosh for then-popular Mac Home Journal and became a world-loved columnist at She penned ClarisWorks For Dummies, the Macworld Office 98 Bible, AppleWorks For Dummies, chapters for several other Macintosh and internet books, then the Adobe GoLive 5 Bible. (Although her focus is Macintosh, three of her books were cross-platform books; she knew her way around Windows quite well.) Deborah later became a columnist for Mac Design magazine, focusing on web design there. She was named Contributing Editor for Mac Addict magazine and wrote many a feature for Mac Addict, moving with it as it evolved into MacLife. She has also written for other magazines, including doing several articles for Macworld magazine.

As an author she appeared on several radio programs around the U.S. and on internet radio. She became a regular on Jeff Levy’s radio show on KNX radio, where she met Benjamin during an appearance on that radio show.  Since then, she’s joined in at Computer Talk Radio as a regular guest, has advised Benny Rockwell on iPhone and Apple gaming, in the background, and filled in for Benny a few times.  Her expertise of all things Apple, has brought a new dimension to the show.

Deborah lives in Los Angeles and is enjoying sharing not only her Mac or Apple knowledge but various green devices and other helpful tech discoveries.  Deborah is also a popular speaker, visiting many a Macintosh User Group or LA/Orange County business group to help attendees with their computer efficiency.

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