Biography for Steve Keske – Segment Producer for Senior, Disability, Military, and History Topics

Wearing more hats than one might ever imagine, Steve Keske’s experience leads to an interesting segment each week.  Steve grew up in rural Minnesota, and had anyone ever told him that he’d be a regular on the radio, he would have scoffed at them.  Instead, he serves a multi-faceted role for the show.

Steve suffers from Macular Degeneration, but had found that it gives him a little bit of a new exposure on how to deal with computers, a passion that he has long since held.  His experience in the military had him working with computers during,since,through the times that one computer would fill an entire room, now giving us an insight into modern technology.

Occasionally, he’ll throw in the “Goofy Geeky Gadget Corner” to mix up the interest for listeners.

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