Computer Talk Radio is constantly seeking new affiliate stations to broadcast our 2 hour commercial show, or our specialized 1 hour NPR compatible show.  Computer Talk Radio is also 100% family friendly, Bible Belt friendly, and squeaky clean.  The PDF at the bottom of this page offers an overview into the show, covering all of the basics that you need to know about the show.

Quick facts:

  • No Fees – 100% Barter with up to 16 minutes for local usage.
  • Audio – Stereo MP3
  • Delivery – Download from our website, (CD’s are available)
  • Ultra Flexible clock – Special builds for different stations to match your clock
  • Automation tones available – You advise your needs, and we can custom build

Why Computer Talk Radio?
Technology and computing is growing in leaps and bounds, and listeners are striving to keep pace with technology. No longer content with a computer course on technologies that were developed 3 years ago, and obsolete a year ago, your listeners are looking for up-to-date information to lead them forward.

  • Teens / Students – Need to know the latest developments in gaming, Facebook, and other trends.
  • Parents and Grandparents – Need to know what dangers their children are getting into, and how to keep their computer investments safe and running.
  • Senior Citizens – Are the largest growing computer population, and have adopted gaming, such as the Nintendo Wii, as a recreational pastime after retirement.

Why Benjamin Rockwell?
With over 20 years of experience in computing and a knack for explaining the complex to the befuddled, he offers to take calls off the air to clarify ANYTHING that he covered on the show. It’s a veritable help desk that isn’t staffed by someone overseas, but a friendly guy that sounds like he’s right next door. There’s no pretense, and he loves to play the part of “your” nerd that’s on-call for you.

How easy is it to work with Computer Talk Radio?
Easier than one might ever expect.  The contract is easy, and allows for preemption when you have seasonal sports or shifts in scheduling.  Benjamin will even voice localized show promos and even spots for your local technical services as a courtesy.  Computer Talk Radio is here to make your life as a program director easy and simple.

With 2 hours of broadcast, Computer Talk Radio provides 40 minutes of content, and 4 minutes of network spots. The remaining time is yours to fill with news, traffic, and local spots as you see fit.  NPR and other non-commercial stations will find that we can provide 50 minutes of changing content, 2 minutes of sponsorship notice, and a flexible amount of PSA and station / show identification bumpers.

What broadcast assistance beyond the show?
Need a computer expert on hand for your news team?  Benjamin also offers to be available when a computer nerd is needed to explain the latest development from Apple, Microsoft, or elsewhere for your news team or your normal talk hosts.

What about music licensing?
There are no royalties or licensing for the music used on the show.  Desiring a specific sound and control over the show, Benjamin created all of the music beds for the show using a variety of loops and sounds using Sony’s ACiD Pro program.  Computer Talk Radio’s commitment to the local stations also includes flexibility with the music beds to fit your station’s mood and target demographic.  How many shows do that?

How do I get the show?
The show is uploaded each week no later than Thursday, for download on Friday to our FTP location. We are also more than happy to upload the file to your FTP server as needed, or provide via DropBox, or SpiderOak.  The program is provided in a precise naming convention to accommodate your automation.

The show is currently provided via MPEG files encoded at 128kbps, Mono, 44khz sampling. The show is also available in stereo, upon request. Current delivery formats are as follows:

Format 1: Multiple files provided in ZIP format that contain all content segments (with “must run” commercials embedded after Segments 1 and 3). The file list also includes compatible PSAs and commercials to fill any unused advertising space.

Format 2: Complete files to match above, without automation tones, all commercial spots included, following a common clock format.

Format 3: Just like format 2, but with automation tones.

Format 4: You name it! Would you like the content populated into a single file with dead air for your spots? We can do that! Would you like the “dead air” format, to match your own specified clock? We can do that too! Let us know, and we’ll work to accommodate your specific clock needs!  That includes moving commercials to better fit your station format, longer music beds, linking segments with a custom music bed and your station ID, and more.

What about the show clock?
The show is 5 segments of content, of precise 11, 10, 8, 7, and 4 minutes (in that order), for a total of 40 minutes of content. Variation of the length of each segment is less than a fraction of a second. No references to specific time are used, so you are free to mold the segments to fit your hard breaks for news and traffic, so long as they air in the order provided.

Adjustments are available (but have not been requested yet) for specialty content lengths of 39:50, 40:00, 40:20, and 40:30 by removing or adding show identification elements.

Listen to Computer Talk Radio today… it’s honest, refreshing, informative, and fun.

This is a sample of the first segment of the latest show available for download by the stations.
ComputerTalkRadioSample.mp3 (10 MB download link)

Note:  This is the latest broadcast show for Computer Talk Radio. Not some specifically selected absolute best show, but rather, an honest representation of an average show, so you can experience Benjamin’s raw honesty and genuine nature.

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