Daily Dossier

There’s a coming reason to visit Computer Talk Radio.com each day.  We have a number of things that we are adding, and the website is going to get hopping!  With each post, we hope to add new content that gives you a reason to compute, technologize, and also be thankful to your nerds.

Sermon Sunday

If one could summarize a sermon into a minute, that is what this would be.  Offered to Christian stations each week, this short little tidbit allows you to reflect and grow in your technological and spiritual lives.

Movie Monday

Curated selection of movies and videos from YouTube that reflect computers, technology, nerds, or just plain interesting options for viewing.  Always clean, sometimes thoughtful, and never boring.

Tech Tip Tuesday

Computer tips and tricks that will help your computer or technology run better.  Sometimes PC, sometimes Mac, or sometimes something else.  This useful information can lead the way towards educating many.

Website Wednesday

A Website Of The Week, or WOTW, is brought to you for reasons of discovery, commentary, or just being interesting.  It may be something just fun, or radically informative, but it promises to be different each week.

Toy Thursday

The nerd’s life can be full of gadgets or toys, and this is a place to show off the latest and greatest.  It expands your chance to see the latest that computers and technology have to offer all of us.

Free App Friday

Your smartphone, tablet, Windows 10, and Mac OS all run apps.  Each week we present an app where the only requirement being availability in an app store, and that it’s free when we post.

Silly Saturday

For just a moment, each weekend, we take a chance to have fun.  It’ll be computer or tech related, but other than that, we hope to make you smile, giggle, guffaw, LOL, ROTFL, and brighten your day.