Due to the move from our old location to our new location, many of the show notes from this year have not been posted. Benjamin and his family have been very busy with a number of things regarding the purchase, the prep, and the moving of their home, and more. Rest assured that Computer Talk Radio is still very much interested in being a part of your weekend listening habits, and that we’re continuing to not only broadcast, but add new stations. We now have 11 stations scattered about the country, and we’re looking to expand to more on a regular basis.

For the latest audio (even if we don’t have notes), please check in the podcast location down and to the right, or click here.

This is where you can find the show notes from current and previous broadcasts.  We’ve got a few years of broadcast and notes up, but as the show is very focused on being timely, some of the older stuff has been removed. If you have questions about shows from the past, please do contact us. Benjamin keeps the audio on hand from each show going back to his very first!