Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting May 4th, 2013. The host with his nerdy glasses, Benjamin Rockwell, opens up the show with the latest tech news highlights, including the space industry, Google Glass hack, brain interfaces, and more. Benjamin then moves on to talk about computer rebuilds, and the processes that he uses during a restoration of a computer, something he does regularly for other people. Deb Shadovitz then joins up to review the iStabilizer Flex, a unit that sets up a flexible tripod for your smartphone. Benjamin then answers a question for Jared, who asked about upgrading his computer for USB 3.0. Then, with the seasonal warming, Benjamin notes the problems with computer heat, and how that can set your computer up failures and problems, and how to tackle the issue. Steve Keske then joins in and talks about what happens to your data and accounts after you pass away, or move on from your current accounts. Benjamin closes with commentary on automated trading in the stock market, and how there are goods and bads to the concept.