After last weeks announcement of the average household having 4.7 streaming services, someone asked “you changing anything?” The response, the prediction, was not good for the services. The average person is looking to exit, not 1, not 2, but 3 services in the rest of this year. Blaming budgets, but also poor selection of titles, and other things controlled by the services, I don’t blame the customers. I’d like to see Netflix or Amazon bolster their library by picking up some inexpensive properties with classic movies. Build your library with a chase of the top 50 movies from each year, and see what you can pickup. Spending $50 million on a movie, instead of picking up 500 popular movies is a strange idea to me.

57 percent plan to cut some of their paid streaming subscriptions and the average person will drop 3 out of 5 from their current arsenal.