Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting September 14th, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, our birthday nerd, starts with the news of the week like internet taxation popularity, police access to databases to do their job better, trade-in programs for your old phone, and more. Deb Shadovitz then joins Benjamin to discuss the Apple announcements on September 10th about the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. While noting that Microsoft released a patch that took forever to install this week, Benjamin discusses problems with updates for various software packages. Benjamin answers Patricia’s question next about the difference between building your own computers (or servers) or buying a brand name. Then Benjamin covers a discussion with Faunna about wi-fi signals that plague folks who are in townhomes, condos, or high-rise business buildings, as well as how to prevent collisions with the wi-fi signals. Steve Keske then joins Benjamin to discuss the concept of smart watches (on the heels of Samsungs annoucements, and the lack of an Apple announcement), and if they might work. Benjamin then covers a concept that he loves to tackle… embracing old-fashioned items to connect with the differences between 100 years ago, and modern society.

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