Google killed off their AR glasses. Before anyone gives credit to Apple for scaring this off, I believe that they have realized that this is a very fickle future. There are many that are enamored with the idea, just as with 3D printing, but they don’t wish to pay the high pricetag for involvement. Google’s approaches to smart glass hardware design has been the most seamless amongst the industry, and there has to be something in their experience that says it’s a harder approach. They’ll still develop the software, and license it to hardware manufacturers. I see this as a far more viable field for them as the ability to use the developed code in other locations is going to continue to retain value if the rest goes nowhere. Further, Google is a massive software company first, and the hardware is only a small portion of their world.

Google has killed a project internally known as “Iris” that it established to build augmented reality glasses, according to Business Insider..